Contact Ellie:

Studio E, Old Shop Studios,
Falmouth, TR11 3NU

“What Ellie is doing is truly inspirational, and she does it with a real lightness of touch”

Susan Meehan, Daiwa Foundation 2020

“You help me to become more clear about how I express myself, you help me be an expert”

Ronald Amanze, collaborator on My Dementia Life Matters project 2020

Ellie is a Socially Engaged Creative Practitioner based in Falmouth, UK. Ellie creates opportunities for people to be creative, self-express and connect with both themselves and others on a deeper, more personal, level. She provides platforms for people to document their unique experiences, empowering their voices and shedding light on their stories.

Through embodying a co-creative approach, Ellie’s projects are shaped by those who participate: this is reflected by the variety of media used and forms the projects take. From printmaking, letter-writing and painting to creating community events and conferences, Ellie is skilled at creating the opportunity for connection to spark between people through creative communication.

Working internationally, nationally and locally, Ellie’s projects are rooted in memory and association with place. With a focus on working with people living with dementia, their carers and intergenerational groups, Ellie asserts what people are capable of when given the right frameworks to work within. Her projects are designed to a high-standard, empowering the participants in their professionalism: through Ellie’s attention to detail and design, fostered during her MA Illustration: Authorial Practice, participants are celebrated as artists in their own right.

Ellie is passionate about the power of creative practice to tackle social isolation, disconnection and to increase wellbeing within our societies. Researching into the social, emotional and neurological benefits of creative engagement, Ellie’s projects are grounded in this knowledge which is evidenced by her sophistication of execution and forward-thinking approach.

“Our project gives people the power to social prescribe for themselves”

Ronald Amanze, collaborator on My Dementia Life Matters project 2020



Speaker at 12th International Dementia Conference: Transforming Care and Communities, Engaging Dementia.  Dublin. ‘The Photobook Project: A creative framework empowering people living with dementia and their wider communities’

Awarded artist opportunity as part of SYNETHESIA with Cultivator and Plymouth University

Awarded funding from FEAST Cornwall with Cornwall Community Foundation and Callington Memory Cafe to deliver Callington’s Creative Connections with Callington Community College and Callington Memory Cafe. 

Started as Online Tutor on Dementia MSc ‘Dying Well With Demenita’ module at University of Hull. 

“Until Next Time” exhibited as part of Surface Gallery’s online exhibition titled Personal Space. 

Awarded funding from Race and Equality Foundation to deliver My Life Matters project with Dementia Action Alliance for Black and Ethnic Minority Communities and Talk Dementia.

Completed project “Until Next Time” with photographer and friend Hannah Wright, to be featured in Kresen Kernow museum collections as part of lockdown in Cornwall.

Winner of Cultivator Grant to attend Funding Bid Writing Course with Christina Poulton Creative, Arts Well mentorship and Arts Well Funding Bid Writing Workshop.

Completed International Certificate in Intergenerational Practice Edition 5 by Generations Working Together and University of Granada.

Winner of Cultivator Grant to complete International Certificate in Intergenerational Practice, Generations Working Together.

Awarded funded from FEAST Cornwall’s Re-Ignition Fund to work with artist Naomi Hannam to create activity packs for Sensory Trust groups.


Speaker at lllustrating Mental Health, University of Worcestor. “Pass the Baton!”

Co-facilitator of “Only Connect!” steering group, Falmouth University.

Speaker at Ageing in Place Conference, London.

“Pass the Baton!” residency in Tokyo and Nagoya, Japan with Run Tomorrow project. Funded by Daiwa Foundaton, taking place in September 2019.

Conference organiser in partnership with Falmouth University titled “Only Connect!” A community symposium of Creative Intergenerational Practice and Research. Funded by FEAST, Invest Cornwall, Arts Council, Daiwa Foundation & Cornwall Council. Taking place in July 2019.

Observations in Nature Exhibition at Potager Garden, Constantine. As part of Sensory Trust, funded by the Arts Council.

Winner of Creative Investment Grant from Cultivator, Cornwall, to speak at 11th International Conference on Vascular Dementia, Amsterdam & 12th International Conference on Alzeimer Rehabilitation, Stockholm.

Winner of grant from Jean’s Dementia Fund, Penryn Memory Cafe, supporting attendance for international conferences (stated above).

Convenor & Plenary Speaker at 11th International Conference on Vascular Dementia, Amsterdam. “Creativity, Community & Connections: Empowering people with dementia through artistic practice”.

Speaker at ‘Chaos’ forum, Falmouth University. “Hello Neighbour!”

Published “Hello Neighbour!” with Atlantic Press Books.


Exhibitor at Seeing Voices, as part of Night English poem at the Poly, Falmouth.

Exhibitor of “Hello Neighbour!” at “So you think you know where you’re going?” at Enys Gardens, Penryn. Curated by Cultivator, Cornwall.

Exhibition at Studio E, Falmouth of “Observations at Ashridge Field School” with Amy Goodwin. Funded by Cultivator, Cornwall.

Visiting Lecturer on Architecture BA Falmouth University, 2nd year.

Awarded grant from Awards for All (Big Lottery) to run ‘Passing the Parcel’ with Penryn Memory Cafe & Penryn College, with Sally Crabtree.

Artist in residence at Humanitas, Deventer titled ‘Hello Neighbour!”. Funded by the Arts Council Interational Development Fund.

At Sensory Trust, awarded funding to roll out ‘Observations in Nature’ with other 4 demenita-friendly nature based groups in Cornwall by Arts Council.

Illustrator of By Orchestral Waters, by June Moore. Published by Atlantic Press Books.

Attended & ran photography and Oulipo writing workshops for a group of artists at Ashridge Field School, Devon. Resulted in “Observations at Ashridge Field School”

Lecturer at Manchester School of Art on ‘Contextual Practice’, BA Illustraton & Graphic Design.

Winner of Graduate Start up Programme, Cultivator.

Awarded funding from Moveable FEAST to host conference at Falmouth University in July 2019.


Exhibitior & Winner of ‘Hope & Renewal’ Photography Competition, Exeter.

Created “Observations by Walking into Art” with Cambridge-based group for people living with dementia and their carers. Funded by Awards for All.

Exhibitior & Speaker at Embodied Cartographies, Fringe Arts Bath. “Observations by the Happy Wanderers”.

Speaker at ‘Marking Domains’ Conference ICA. “Pokemon Go: The Monstrous Transitory Space”.

Speaker at ‘The Monstrous Forum’ Falmouth University. “Pokemon Go: The Monstrous Transitory Space”.

Speaker at ‘Beyond Words’ Conference, Plymouth University. “Why are we going around in circles?”.

Awarded funding from Moveable FEAST to work with Sally Crabtree, award-winning poet.

Artist in residence ‘Zamdam’ with Sally Crabtree. Amsterdam.

Began work at Manchester School of Art as Associate Lectuerer on ‘Contextual Practice’, BA Illustration & Animation.

Visiting Lecturer at Falmouth University, MA Illustration: Authorial Practice. Running turorials, workshops and delivering lectures.

Volunteer with the Sensory Trust, with the ‘Happy Wanderers’: walking group for people living with dementia and their carers.


Speaker at the International Illustration Conference ‘Shaping the View’, Edinburgh College of Art. “Why are we going around in circles?”

MA Illustration Show & Award for Outstanding Studentship. An exhibition displaying Ellie’s illustration practice at Penryn Memory Cafe, the Sensory Trust & Sophie’s Project with Violeta Noy.

Workshop at Falmouth’s ‘Blue’ Illustration Forum with Katie Jones Barlow. “Blulipo”

Completed MA Illustration: Authorial Practice, Falmouth University. Distinction.

Completed internship with Atlantic Press Books, Falmouth. Included: supporting artists and writers in the design of their books, marketing & social media, representing the press at national book fairs.


Book-binding workshop, Falmouth University.

Exhibitor at Bologna University Exhibiton. ‘Stitch in time saves nine’, as part of Sophie’s Project.

Opened Penryn Memory Cafe as part of practice based research on MA Illustration: Authorial practice.

Exhibitor of Sophie’s Project at MA Illustration: Authorial Practice show, with Violeta Noy.

Story Glory, Group Leader - delivering after-school creative writing workshops to primary school children in Cornwall.


Began internship with Atlantic Press Books, Falmouth.

Began MA Illustration: Authorial Practice, Falmouth University.

Graduated from BA English & Philosophy, University of York. 2.1.

Awarded the York Award: An employability certificate of University of York that accredits the work experience, volunteering & personal interests undertaken.

Set up In-between Collective, York. Art collective with three other artists: Owen Dalton, Alice Kewellhampton & Imogen Lacey. 2 exhibitions: ‘Memory Project’, with York Memory Cafe (funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, exhibited at Orillo Studios, York) and ‘Place’ (exhibited at Bison Coffee Shop, York).

Gallery Explainer at Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery, as part of “Walk On” exhibition.

Museum Educator at Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery, creating and delivering workshops with various groups in the community.


Completed Gold Duke of Edinburgh: involved 5 day expedition in the Swiss Alps, volunteering at local Farmers Market for 3 years & 5 day trip to Porthpean Outdoor Centre for Year 7 students.


Leader of Harmony Cafe, York. A monthly event for people living with dementia and their carers in the local community.


Began BA English & Philosophy, University of York.

Completed Foundation in Art & Design, Falmouth Unviersity, Distinction.


Began Foundation in Art & Design, Falmouth University.

Completed A-levels: Art A, English A, Geography A, Biology B. Callington Community College.