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From community engagement and new ways of working post-Covid, to hearing from collaborators, researchers, networkers... find out more about the magic that makes these projects happen and the people and processes behind them

Igniting connection over lockdown

by Claire Francis and Ellie
When the door is slightly ajar, and Covid comes along and slams the door shut, how do we still find the light around the door frame to intice creative connection? Click here to read a blog post by Ellie and her colleague Claire Francis at Sensory Trust

“Teach us to be more present”

by Ellie and Holly Willats

As part of Cultivator and Plymouth University’s Synethesia Project, Ellie worked with Holly Willats, Independent Curator and Founder of Art Licks. Listen to their ‘In Conversation’, accompanied with digital photobook by clicking: Part 1 Part 2

Socially-engaged filmmaking

AMANZE film released by CRACK, including interview with Lucy Hawes and Ellie
CRACK launched AMANZE - the first film to be made about The Photobook Project. Here is an interview with Director and Producer Lucy Hawes, Ellie and Ronald Amanze - star of the film. Read the interview and view the film by clicking here

Connecting people with dementia to nature and the outdoors

by Ellie

Read about Ellie’s work at Sensory Trust, creating meaningful experiences in nature for people with dementia and their carers, by clicking here 

A Forest of Hope

by Ellie, featured on Sensory Trust’s blog

A model for sharing supportive messages of hope between children and older people. Click here to read a blog post by Ellie as part of her work at Sensory Trust

How creativity can empower people living with dementia

An opinion piece by Ellie, featured by It’s Nice That
In this article, Ellie discusses working with individuals to document their experiences through photography, and the impact a creative project can have. Read the article by clicking here

The Photobook Project: Empowering people living with dementia and their communities through the arts

Article featured as part of the southwester, Vol. 2
You can purchase vol. 2 in print by clicking here

Illustrators of their own narrative | The Photobook Project

Interviewed by Lee Morgan, featured on the People’s Republic of South Devon

An interview conducted by Lee Morgan as part of PRSD’s Portrait Series about Ellie’s creative practice. Click here to read and/or listen to the interview

A blog post about “Only Connect!” 2022

by the Evidence Synthesis Team,
University of Exeter 

A beautiful reflection on “Only Connect!” Conference 2022 which was organised by Ellie, co-chair Peter Daniels of Humanitas Deventer, and The Photobook Project team. Click here to read.

A podcast, recorded live at “Only Connect!” 2022

by Fiona Campell, University of Sheffield 

In this episode of ScHARR Communicable Research Podcast Fiona Campbell speaks to collaborators and advocates in relation to Intergenerational Research. The podcast was recorded in Falmouth at the Only Connect! conference in July 2022. In the podcast Fiona interviews some of the iGEN project team including Professor Jo Thompson Coon from the University of Exeter, Alison Clyde from Generations Working Together, consultants Iona Lawrence, Ellie Robinson-Carter as well as poet and advocate Ronald Amanze who wrote a poem about his experiences of loneliness. Click here to listen. 

A life in pictures 

An article by Frankie Magazine’s Elizabeth Whitbread