“Only Connect!”

An international network and conference series about the benefits of creative intergenerational and inclusive practice and research

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“Intergenerational practice is the beginning of an inclusive society”

Peter Daniels
Humanitas Deventer

Ellie runs the “Only Connect!” network and conference series with Peter Daniels - former Chief Happiness Officer at Humanitas Deventer, Holland.

In 2019, Ellie collaborated with poet Sally Crabtree and brought together people from across the system to create a unique space for connection and to challenge the barriers that face our communities. With a focus on intergenerational practice and research, the conference gave people living with dementia, care commissioners, creative practitioners, young people, national organisations, international representatives in intergenerational projects, the opportunity to really connect and interrogate and celebrate creative solutions to widespread disconnection and isolation across our communities.

“I didn’t know that I could die of loneliness until I almost did”

Trevor Synge-Perrin
Sensory Trust Ambassdor

Three years - and a global pandemic - later, the “Only Connect!” Conference 2022 invitited people to come together, in person, to connect people on a deeper level. To be vulnerable, to be exposed and engaged in new creative approaches to these complex community challenges. Compounded by living our lives in and out of lockdowns, with services stretched like never before and the postcode lottery being an increasing reality, the conference reflected on the last three years, celebrating the power of creativity to connect, rejuvenate, empower and give voice to those who need it most. You can view the programme by clicking here

If you would like to find out more, or are interested in joining the network, please contact Ellie 

Photo Credits: Hannah Wright , Tom J Johnson