“My Dementia Life Matters”

with Ronald Amanze and David Truswell
Funded by Race and Equality Foundation, UnLtD, Arts 4 Demenita, Butterflies Memory Loss Support Group, Cultivator Cornwall
Summer 2020 - 2021

“The health arena is so often excluding of black lives. We only get included in the snapshots. I don’t know what front of the queue looks like”
Ronald Amanze 

The 10th chapter of The Photobook Project, “My Dementia Life Matters” invites people living with dementia in black and minority ethnic communities in the UK to document what matters to them. The project was titled “My Dementia Life Matters” by Ronald Amanze who lives with dementia (see portraits below) as a nod to the Black Lives Matter movement. 

This project is all about presenting a framework for others to take ownership of; it’s focus is on empowering people with dementia’s voices. Ronald summarises:

“Our project gives people the power to social prescribe for themselves” 

Ronald Amanze

Producer and Director Lucy Hawes has collaborated with The Photobook Project team to produce a film titled Amanze, capturing Ronald’s experience of the project. The film has been shown in multiplie international festivals, as well as featured on Girls in Film after being released on Crack Magazine HERE