“Until Next Time”

Spring 2020 

Over lockdown in spring 2020, Ellie and artist Hannah Wright collaborated on “Until Next Time”. As two friends living in different areas of the UK, one in inner city London and another in rural Cornwall, they documented their individual experiences over the period of a month. Each day they took a photograph which reflected lockdown, noticing the details in their domestic spaces and immediate surroundings, capturing the patterns, repetitions as well as the differences and similarities in their experiences of lockdown.

Two friends who had plans to meet who had to cancel, two friends living in different locations, two friends finding a different way to connect, the project offers a platform for understanding one another’s unique and collective experiences. 

The collection has been invited to be part of Kreson Kernow’s archives, soon to be held there indefinitely. The project was showcased as part of Surface Gallery’s online exhibition in summer 2020 titled Personal Space.