Sophie’s Project

with Violeta Noy
2014 - 2018

“It feels as if my fingers are working alone - by themselves, and I don’t know if it happens to you or it is just me, but I become a knitting machine.”

Sophie's Project is a scarf for her niece. Ellie collaborated with Illustrator Violeta Noy to experiment with the connections made in the brain, the nuances of language and the slippages in memory experienced in the early stages of dementia. Paralleling the physical act of making with her mental processing, Sophie's knitting exposes the reader to her sea of memories.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine is a paperback novel depicting Sophie's mental slippages. The book design and typography reflect her oscillating thoughts. Throughout the novel, several themes surface, plunge and bob back into her mind, the sea being the space where all her memories and thoughts come together, break apart and rekindle.

A Sense of Place
is a collection of postcards of the south west of England. By placing parts of Sophie's narrative on to the postcards, her personal memories become attached to the places. They also reflect unusual connections that Sophie makes between everyday events and the spaces around her.

Sophie’s Falmouth is a map of Falmouth through the lens of Sophie.