“My Dementia Life Matters”
Funded by Race and Equality Foundation and UnLtD
Summer 2020 - Present

“Our project gives people the power
to social prescribe for themselves”

Ronald Amanze, collaborator
and participant of project

In February 2019 Cultivator Cornwall funded Ellie to speak at and convene the 11th International Conference on Vascular Dementia in Amsterdam. After delivering her paper “Creativity, Community & Connections: Empowering people with dementia through artistic practice” she met David Truswell, director of the Dementia Action Alliance for Culture and Ethnicity, who wanted to deliver The Photobook Project with the communities he supports.

After a year of conversations, they are delighted to have been funded by the Race and Equality Foundation to deliver The Photobook Project to 20 people living with dementia and their carers in these communities in London.

The project has been titled My Dementia Life Matters by Ronald Amanze of Talk Dementia (see image) as a nod to the Black Lives Matter movement, with a focus on those living with dementia. Ronald says:

“The health arena is so often excluding of black lives. We only get included in the snapshots. I don’t know what front of the queue looks like”

This project is all about presenting a framework for others to take ownership of; it’s focus is on empowering people with dementia’s voices.

Parcipants will feature on local radio station Brent Youth Radio, convened by Ronald. Hannah Wright and Lucy Hawes will be documenting the project throughout. 

Photo Credits: Hannah Wright, John Hersey & Mrs Wai Fan Man